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When designing and implementing a control system, development time is heavily influenced by :

- Familiarity with the control system's programming language.

- The programming language's ease of use - from the standpoint of both creating and debugging the programs.

- The ability to reuse logic.

- Documentation time for the program.

Control Master uses a simple and easily understand programming language, Statement List, for controlling inputs, outputs, do calculations and motion control. It is a language that speciallybrews for machine control used in a PC system.

Think of all the time you'll save and the headaches you'll avoid for digging through those register numbers or command codes. Control Master is the most functional programming software for the PC as it does not require any reference manual when reading or writing the programs. All command names are self-explanatory.

Statement List consists of Steps, which determines the structure of the program or sequence of processing. Each step must be followed by a string label that is used to identify the step and the program is executed step by step. Besides, with the multi-tasking feature, you can execute multiple programs all at the same time.


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