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Control Master provides an integrated development environment where you can easily write, edit, compile and debug the Statement List programs as well as manage your projects all within a single environment. Hence, by spending less time in development, you can increase effectiveness and productivity.

Multi-tasking operating system
Control Master takes maximum advantage of the multi-tasking capabilities in Windows NT, hence, it provides a multi-tasking operating system which is capable of controlling inputs, outputs, positioning and many other takes all at the same time.
Instant editing ! Save time

Imagine how much time and frustration you can save by editing the program on-the-fly, update and test the modification immediately without having to restart the whole process.

Online debugging reduces troubleshooting time

Having information at your fingers increase efficiency.Control Master provides an online status monitoring where you can easily check, test and monitor the status of Input, Output, Flag and Register.

As the program and status of each condition parameter can be viewed online, you can also able to track exactly where the program has halted and trace the execution of the program and fix bugs or problems almost within seconds.

In effect, it becomes an active troubleshooting guide and therefore debugging and refining your program istime saving.

With user defined function, parameter passing, local and global variable let you experience the ease in programming like any familiar high level language.If you have more than one identical station with the same function and with offset address, you need not repeat typing or copying many times, the rest will work the same without any changes needed.
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