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Scientec is an innovative technology company that services the maufacturing and service industries like Building Automation, Health Care, Process Control, Research, OEM industry and etc.

It is our priority to meet the wide spectrum of our customers' needs and requirements and provide the most cost effective solutions and best services. Scientec provides services like Windows NT device driver for customised interfacing / control boards.

We have also designed and developed many customized application software and our ability to provide the right systems and controls for different requirements of our customers has earned us long standing relationships with many of the most recognized names in the industry.

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Building Security Automation

Process Control

OEM Industry

Water Treatment

Tertiary Education

Multi Axes Robotics Pick & Place Control

Multi / Single X-Y Control

Process Control

Grooving & Welding

Packaging Equipment

Dispensing Control

Industrial Monitoring & Control

Carpark Traffic Management System

Crane Control System

Lifts Control System

Digital & Analogue I/O Control

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