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This module is a mix I/O module that receives control signal from analogue field devices (temperature sensor, level sensor and etc.) as well as digital field devices (sensor, switches and etc.)

External analogue load can also be set via its analogue output and external digital load can be switched via its digital output from the control system.

Each input points incorporates a noise or debounce rejection filter. The filter time constant can be freely programmable. All digital input points contains an optocoupler which provides electrical isolation between the module and the field devices. Different modes can be selected to perform special functions like fast-counting. All digital input points status are indicated by LEDs.

All the digital output points are electrically isolated through the use of optocouplers. Small inductive loads (relays) can be connected directly without external protection. Different modes can be selected to perform special functions like one-shot pulse. All digital output points status are indicated by LEDs.

Technical Data
Number of analogue inputs
Number of analogue outputs
Number of digital inputs 9
Number of digital outputs 7
Analogue input resolution 10 bits
Analogue output resolution 12 bits
Input status indication
Green LED
Output status indication Red LED
Bus protocol
eCAN, CANOpen*, DeviceNet*
Degree of protection
Current consumption
Supply voltage
DC24V (+/- 20%)
Dimension (L x W x H)
72mm x 64mm x 30mm (exclude bus connector)
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